What I do

IMG_20130118_185616It’s funny how the day slips away. Today I did the normal morning routine, getting kids up, riding with Dec to school with Bear on the leash, getting back to the house to get Maggie out the door. Then comes the time of flux.

I always make a point of training with Bear for 15 to 30 minutes. This involves a lot of treats for Bear and quite a bit of slobber on my hands. Today I actually went to the gym for a workout first. Spin class. The only thing that makes my knee feel better. Last year I would occasionally do a spin class, but it was at 530 in the morning. It sort of ruined the afternoon and evening. It may have helped the morning in terms of energy level, but the tank was empty by the time I got home. And getting up at 515 to workout at 530 is sadistic.

So I have some luxuries now. I can workout in the middle of the day. The gym is nearly empty. The spin class was half full. Funny thing about the 530am class is that it is jam packed. It happened to me once where I got there too late and didn’t get a bike. That’s just pouring salt in the wounds. As if getting up at 515 isn’t stressful enough, you have to hustle your ass in to the gym to sign up in time to get a bike. Is that worth it?

I am also able to go to the store in the middle of the week, enjoying a less crowded experience similar to my gym experience. Today I went to Costco. I took Bear with me. Not sure if he likes Costco, but he is getting more used to it. Today was a full cart day. And lucky me, Bear didn’t poop inside the store like last time. I am not easily embarrassed, but that got me. The sweat forming as I tried to get Bear out of the pushing position. Unsuccessful.

I may be that guy bringing a half trained dog into the store, but at least I am prepared. So I yanked out my blue plastic poop bag to pick it up off the cold concrete next to the ground beef. I was thankful that it was a healthy poop, easy to pick up. And some guy thanked me. I can’t imagine leaving a number two in front of the ground beef. I see people leaving it out on the grass in front of our house, and I always yell out the window asking them if they need a baggie. Besides being outdoors, the guy in front of my house thinks he is alone. I’d have to be psychotic to think I could walk away from that number two without anyone seeing. First of all, everyone is a little surprised to see a dog in Costco, so they are looking at us. And on top of that, we are in Costco, which never has less than 450 people either shopping or strolling through for free samples.

I left the cart by the cheesecakes and took Bear back outside. But he was done. I disposed of the blue baggie and returned to my cart. But today there was not accident, just a lot of shopping. By the time we get home and unpacked it is lunch time. I do a little more training before eating. Bear settles onto his new dog bed.

So then what? Shopping, training, and eating are taken care of. The only must dos on the list are cleaning up a bit (I bought a new broom at Costco), and making dinner. Dinner and cleaning up will take up to two hours, no more.

There are several things that I work on depending on the day. Today I researched getting a tax ID number for a possible business. Yesterday I spent some time developing an application for people interested in working at the business. Last week I spent some time working on a camp I help run. Today I also spent some time watching youtube videos. I watched three on GeoGabra, which is a great math program I plan on using if/when I go back to teaching. I also watched a video on how to replace a broken iTouch screen. We have one in our home needing to be replaced.

The point is that there are no definite schedules occurring. I can get lost on Facebook (the devil), or I can go down some meaningless path on Youtube, or get absorbed on Instagram. But then I look back and it is like coming out of a staff meeting. It is simply lost time. I’ll never be ever to recapture that time and I have nothing to show for it.

Earlier in the year I dabbled in Codecademy. I also used to spend a fair amount of time on Livemocha, an online language course. Since New Year’s, however, I have cut that out of the routine. And it is partly because I spend more time on planning this business idea, but also partly because I’m not feeling significant progress in either of those “classes.”

Some things are much less stressful because of my lack of time commitments. We refinanced the home. I built some stuff outside. I keep the laundry moving through the cycles. I built some shelving unit for the TV.

This time also gets me thinking about what to do. What do I want to do? At the end of the proverbial day, whether it be life or when the kids leave the house, what are the things I want to be doing? What am I good at? What am I comfortable doing? What do I enjoy doing? On the flip-side, what are the things I loathe to do? What are the things I just never get to?

It’s interesting having this gap year. I can stop and think about these things, and some of the answers are not exactly what I’d expected, and most of them are not answered yet, but I’m working on it.