Nine months

With no y-axis scale, you can wonder.

With no y-axis scale, you can wonder.

With the bank account shrinking below the counting numbers and into the integers, I checked some job postings in the area. There was one for a long-term sub for maternity leave. I applied for it, had an informal talk with the principal, toured the school, got a call back for a short interview with the principal and the teacher, and then was offered the position.

I’m not sure how it will all end up, but I am scheduled to start April 1. That is assuming the teacher does not have her baby before then. I mentioned the possibility of working to Declan over the weekend. He said, that I’ll owe him three months next year, that I am not fulfilling the full year sabbatical of being at his beck and call for the entire year.

I don’t subscribe to Dec’s thinking, but I am wondering how things will land. What time do I have to leave? Can I ride my bike that just got stolen? What time will I get home? Can I bring Bear to the classroom? How will the students adjust to a new teacher for the remainder of the year?

And how much will I get paid? Where will they put me on the pay scale? Since it is a long-term sub, it should be on their pay scale as opposed to the daily sub rate.

I hope for some answers in the next few days.